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Finance Review 2016

21 January 2016

Over the festive season we have taken a close look at the finances of the Group.

Our income comes from three main sources. Christmas post service, bedding plant sales in spring and you through the monthly fees. The Scouts HQ takes approx £28 per person per year for central costs and services they cover for us, which includes liability insurance for the leaders for example.

Our reserves have been steadily reducing over the least 2/3 years to the point where we need to increase our revenue from the above activities as well as look at new future ventures for fund raising before this becomes a problem.

From the annual fees point of view we have decided to do the following from 1st Jan 2016 :-

Section Current Charges New Charges

Beavers £45 per year / £15 per term £60 per year / £20 per term

Cubs £60 per year / £20 per term £90 per year / £30 per term

Scouts £90 per year / £30 per term(x3) £120 per year / £30 per term (x4)

We do recognise this is a sharp increase but it is the first for quite some time and this year Scouts HQ are increasing their charges to us considerably. This bill comes as a lump sum charge in the 1st Q of the year ( Last Year ~ £3200 — Ouch !! ). For the record the christmas post this year made just £2000 less print cost . This revenue stream is slowly reducing as more & more send less cards.

Please note we still accept cash / cheque / or Stanidng Order ( this is the perferred option). Any S.O. should include a reference to the childs sir name so that we can keep track of payments made from bank statements.

Any ideas for future fund raising would certainly be helpful.

We apologise if this is a shock. If you for whatever reason find this impossible please let us know.

We will continue to deliver a wide and varied programme for the group and look forward to a busy year.

Thanks for your support.

Gavin Knott

Group Scout Leader