16 Mar 2017

You may have noticed the 2nd Ulverston Leaders have changed their tailor and are now wearing new purpose made hoodies with the Group & Scout logos.
We think they look smarter and make it clear who’s who for both the children and parents.
We have had a number of requests for the option to buy for the children . We have arranged this with the supplier and all you have to do is follow the link below & order accordingly.

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21 Jan 2016

Over the festive season we have taken a close look at the finances of the Group.
Our income comes from three main sources. Christmas post service, bedding plant sales in spring and you through the monthly fees. The Scouts HQ takes approx £28 per person per year for central costs and services they cover for us, which includes liability insurance for the leaders for example.
Our reserves have been steadily reducing over the least 2/3 years to the point where we need to increase our revenue from the above activities as well …