Thank You for Your Support

Throughout the year we are busy keeping scouting on the move which overall generates and spends an average of £15-20,000. This is raised from your subscriptions , the Spring plant sales, Christmas post delivery and a number of other fund raisers by the group. In additions we  receive fabulous support from a whole range of organisations and individuals . We would like to pay tribute to you all for your continued support. Here are some of the supporters:-

2018:  The Hoad Climb July 18

We managed to ascent the Hoad so many times we raised a total £1895 for the group. What an effort by all

2010 to 2018: Holker Hall

Each year we assist in an end of term BBQ for the caravan site residents and Holker generously have in the past matched any donations we receive for all the effort on the day. We also have a  great time.

2007 to 2018: JF Hornby.

Once again support with the printing of the Christmas post stamps for the Group. Many thanks. We raised a total £1837 in this fund raiser for 2017.

2014 & 15: The Curry Club

A mysterious donation gratefully received.

2012: SLDC

Grant for work additional equipment. £1500.

2009: The Masons

A Grant was kindly provided by The Masons in June 2009 for £750 towards the costs for a

new & improved kitchen at the hut.

The kitchen has now been delivered & will be installed Jan 10 2010.

2007: Cumbria County Council Childrens Services

Funding was awarded from the Youth Opportunity Fund and Youth Capital Fund for assistance with the hut maintenance, Canoeing and Climbing activities as follows:

£4,480 from the Youth Opportunity Fund Plus

£12,400 from the Youth Capital Fund

Total £16,880.00

We would like to thank all concerned for this very generous assistance.

2006: Frieda Scott Charitable Trust

We received funding of £5000 from the Frieda Scott Charitable Trust based in Kendal for the hut repairs.

We would like to thank the Frieda Scott Charitable Trust for this very generous donation, which will go a long way towards the needed new roof on the scout hut in Dragley Beck.