7 Jul 2019

We have been successful in applying for and gaining funds to replace the existing canoe/kayak trailer for the Group. The funds were awarded from the Police and Crime Commissioner in June 2019 for £2.5k The current unit was well and truly on it’s last legs and we are now in the process of sourcing a new unit to fit our needs. The trailer will be made available to other groups should they wish to utilise this equipment.  Many thanks to the PCC for helping us with this transport upgrade for …

7 Jul 2019

We made an application in Oct 2017 for Hut safety improvement funds from this fund and were successful in an award of £2k.   Some of the work has now been completed with an upgrade to the hut lighting to LED’s and new Emergency exit signs.

7 Jul 2019

We have made a couple of years Gift Aid catch up this financial year and just to emphasis how important this is to the Group  the income from the Government is approx £2k. Please sign up the Gift Aid forms to help us continue with this level of regain from your tax payments.

7 Jul 2019

Feb 2018 saw the investment by the Group into  a replacement mini bus @ just over £10k. The green bus is an upgrade to our old vehicle with a more powerful engine and a few more modern functions like front screen electric heater. We have fitted a new tow bar, add seat covers and it is already becoming a very much used unit.

11 Nov 2018

Each year, in December, 2nd Ulverston Scout Group offers a Christmas card delivery service to Ulverston, Lindal, Bardsea, Swarthmoor, Pennington and Gleaston.
It works in a similar way to the regular postal service, but with 3 subtle differences.

You buy our stamps, at only £1.20 for a sheet of 8. (that’s 15p each) Outlets listed below.
You use our special post boxes, situated in the places listed below.
You don’t need the regular postcode, but instead use an area letter as follows:

Ulverston is divided into 5 areas (A) – (E)  see map.
Bardsea (F)
Gleaston (G)
Lindal …

4 Nov 2018

You may have noticed we have been spending some time on the hut and forecourt. We have a bit of a problem with the front section of the hut with a some woodworm and general leakage. We have acquired a storage container which we have sited on the forecourt to act as a buffer for kit as we get to doing some repairs. In the same breath we decided it was time to tidy up the front elevation and the perimeter stone wall has now been rebuilt and the car …

16 Mar 2017

You may have noticed the 2nd Ulverston Leaders have changed their tailor and are now wearing new purpose made hoodies with the Group & Scout logos.
We think they look smarter and make it clear who’s who for both the children and parents.
We have had a number of requests for the option to buy for the children . We have arranged this with the supplier and all you have to do is follow the link below & order accordingly.

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21 Jan 2016

Over the festive season we have taken a close look at the finances of the Group.
Our income comes from three main sources. Christmas post service, bedding plant sales in spring and you through the monthly fees. The Scouts HQ takes approx £28 per person per year for central costs and services they cover for us, which includes liability insurance for the leaders for example.
Our reserves have been steadily reducing over the least 2/3 years to the point where we need to increase our revenue from the above activities as well …

1 Nov 2015

Congratulations to our Group Scout Leader Gavin Knott who won the Heart of Ulverston, Citizen of the Year.
Well done for all your hard with the children of Ulverston over the last 25 and more years.
Heart of Ulverston Awards Report